When Mr Cricket became Mr Anecdote

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If you’re thinking of reading Mike Hussey’s autobiography, you’d better HOLD ON TIGHT.

Published excerpts reveal that after his final Test, the team were all going to have a boat party, but that Hussey didn’t want to go because his children wouldn’t have been allowed. Apparently some players wanted to stay with Hussey at the hotel and some wanted to go on the boat.

But brace yourself, THERE’S MORE.

Another rip-roaring anecdote surrounds the time when Simon Katich grabbed Michael Clarke by the throat. Hussey was right there and offers some real insight.

“I thought, what the hell is going on? This had come out of nowhere.”

He then details the aftermath, which involves him phoning Clarke who said it was nothing to do with Hussey really.

Hussey also doesn’t know what a coincidence is. Andrew McDonald had not ‘coincidentally replaced Andrew Symonds’ in the team. Symonds’ absence and McDonald’s presence were very much linked. McDonald is mentioned for his spectacularly memorable ice-breaking punchline after the Clarke-Katich thing. It’s towards the end of this article. We won’t spoil it for you.


  1. The word coincidence has two meanings. The more common one is the thing about uncorrelated or unlikely sets of occurences, perhaps seemingly strange.

    The more scientific one is about several (most often, two) things happening at the same time or in the same place.

    By the more scientific definition, Andrew McDonald replacing Andrew Symonds in the team is a coincidence.

    Mike Hussey is a bit of a geek, so we might expect the more scientific use of the word coincidence from him.

    Unfortunatley, the evidence also suggests that Hussey is not much of a wordsmith, so you might be right, KC, he has no real idea what some of his words might mean but tosses them about like so much confetti.

    The anecdote about Andrew McDonald’s icebreaker is not only ugely revealing but is also an absolute scream. Surely worth the price of the book alone.

  2. lol… looks like a real page-turner that one. (as in, turning the pages very fast, searching for the good bits)

    what is it with the aussies and their bloody team song?? i swear they are the only nation on earth which gets more worked up about all that sort of nonsense than the americans do… doubtless something to do with the way in which the country was “founded”, but still… none of the current crop are actually sons of convicts are they? what do they really have to prove? {shakes head in disbelief]

    1. The bloody songs come across as some kind of weird fetish. Is it a form of foreplay for Australian cricketers?

  3. “Michael was very empathetic to my situation, and I certainly did not tell him to stick anything up his ass.”

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