On this evidence you’d have to say the Mark Boucher situation is galvanising South Africa

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Galvanisation is a tricksy process. Sometimes you need an extra ingredient.

A week or so ago, we pointed out how going on tour with a coach who’s been charged with gross misconduct didn’t seem to be having a galvanising effect on the South Africa team – which is what captain Dean Elgar was hoping would happen.

But it turns out Elgar wasn’t in possession of the full recipe. What South Africa needed was to go on tour with a coach who’s been charged with gross misconduct and to then get absolutely hammered by New Zealand in the first Test.

That was the missing ingredient. Now they’re galvanised!

King Cricket Tip of the Day: Resist the temptation to spend the rest of today idly singing the Chemical Brothers’ Galvanize to yourself. We wouldn’t ordinarily advise this, but given current events there’s a good chance you’ll experience grave existential dread when you get to the, “World, the time has come to push the button,” bit.

Galvanisation. South Africa have gone from getting bowled out for 95 and losing by an innings and 276 runs to… winning (by 198 runs).

Fortunately for New Zealand their opponents will now be putting their newly galvanised state to use on their long flight back home because this was one of those dumb two-match series.

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  1. I’m not sure I’ve ever mentioned this before, but I really don’t think a two match monstrosity should be described as a series at all.

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