Dog stopped play at Visakhapatnam

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If you spend some time travelling round India, you are highly likely to see a fairly generic brown dog roaming around. Today, in the second Test between India and England, one such dog precipitated the tea break when attendants failed to halt its pitch invasion.

Here at King Cricket, we can exclusively reveal the identity of the dog.

You see these dogs everywhere from Amritsar to Aurangabad; from Varkala to Varanasi. As you climb off the train and see one scuttle past, it’s natural to assume that they’re everywhere.

This is not the case. As often as not, the dog is Graham. Graham wanders the nation, covering incredible distances just so that he can amble about in the background wherever you happen to me.

The pitch invasion dog was Graham.


  1. I hate to disagree with you, KC, but the Visakhapatnam cur was not Graham.

    Graham is always conspicuously indifferent to cricket.

    The Visakhapatnam cur was not conspicuously indifferent to cricket.

    Ergo, the Visakhapatnam cur was not Graham.

  2. What’s the most obvious one and we don’t even need to change the name of the cricketer? I suspect everyone is avoiding it.

  3. but they were able to resume almost immediately which just goes to show how top notch the dog-draining facilities at Vizag are.

  4. Graham’s a mover. He manages to traverse all of India and still make it back to bark outside my house at midnight

  5. True story, my son will vouch for it. We were returning home from our weekly trip to the supermarket today somewhere close to Malibu in S Cal.

    About 300 yds from our house there was a police road block with 4 cops armed with semi automatic rifles and quite a nice lady who didn’t seem to do anything.

    She informed me that a crazy dog, looking much like Graham (but more of a Hick) had escaped from a local house and was a threat to the public so i couldn’t drive 300 yds home even though i protested that i had 2 gallons of Ben and Jerry in the back of the SUV.

    So we sat there for 40 mins whilst the police practiced aiming their rifles at the poor dog.

    Somehow the owner of the dog was traced and she arrive doing about 90mph in a nice black M3 BMW, the dog raced over to her and she locked in her car.

    A happy ending considering i could see all 4 cops were dying to shoot Graham.

    Off subject, could Ged do a match report that is prawn free, imagine the outrage if it was whale meat again.

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