Simon Katich hits triple hundred

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Simon Katich leaves the field without swearing like a sulky childSimon Katich – remember him? – hit 306 for New South Wales against Queensland. Everyone cross their fingers that he’ll get back into the Australian team in time for the next Ashes.

Australia have any number of excellent batsmen and Katich is one of them, but at least he’s got a proven track record of getting all hot-and-bothered during crucial matches and throwing big hissy fits when he gets out.

In truth a mere triple hundred isn’t such a grand achievement on a pitch where even Matthew Hayden managed to hit 179.

With reference to yesterday’s post about too much cricket, we’d like to highlight the ongoing brilliance of Australian domestic cricket’s fixture list. Each state plays ten first-class games and as there are only six states, cricket followers can comfortably follow every single first-class match.

Mean-treating, keen-keeping brilliance.


  1. Simon katich would need to make back to back to back to back 300’s to make it back into the side.

    Whoops forgot he plays for New South Wales, he might be back.


  2. no, he won’t, cause Jacques is also a new south welshman, and Hodge is only a Vic – apart from being a sucessive duck

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