We were at Trent Bridge today

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Here are some things that happened:

1. Jonathan Trott did some mileage

This was probably the most important thing that happened today. When Australia’s openers were in, Trott was fielding at fine leg. Left-hander, right-hander, from both ends, Trott was at fine leg. He covered all four corners of the ground within about nine balls. It was excellent cricket.

2. Ed Cowan got some noise

The spectators had waited a while for a wicket and they really perked up when they got one. This brought Cowan to the crease on a king pair and it seemed like the crowd figured they could probably get him out themselves by playing on his nerves. It very nearly worked. Ashes cricket must seem overwhelming to the players at times.

3. Ashton Agar emerged at number eight

And was instantly greeted with a chorus of: “Who are you? Who are you?”

4. Beer snakes have got their own song

When did this happen? We’ve seen millions of beer snakes, but we’ve never heard people singing “Feed the snake! Feed the snake!” at them before.


  1. Trott’s outfielding is something you only notice when you’re at the ground. Did he look grumpy? He usually looks grumpy. Probably because he likes Coldplay and the films of Hugh Grant.

    1. I can’t imagine Jonathan Trott listening to music. During any time he spends not at the crease, I picture him just looking grumpy and thinking about forward defensives. Or maybe he creates creases so that he can stand at them and feel a little better. I think this is more likely than him genuinely enjoying Coldplay, and when he was asked that question he decided it was better to name the one music thing he had heard of because it would surely look better than saying “I don’t listen to music, I just like to bat, and sometimes to bowl also”.

    2. That last part is the subtext of everything he ever says. That’s another reason why we slightly love him.

      Sam, he didn’t look grumpy. He looked absent-minded, like he didn’t know the crowd was there. He kept idly surveying the rooves of the stands. Pretty sure he wasn’t planning sixes. Think it was more of an architectural interest.

  2. (on cowan’s arrival at the crease) – just think of poor old mitchell johnson, who was “crowded” out in what was meant to be a home test, last ashes series

    1. You can think of it as being one of those words we write as we say, like ‘summat’ if it makes you feel any better.

  3. Jonathan Trott is a tricky chap. I am firmly of the opinion that he has a tracking device in his ar*e. On numerous occasions he has stationed said rear, often just a few feet in front of me, directly on the path between my lens and the stumps. I’d like to think behind the poker face he is smirking mischievously and not simply oblivious to my predicament.

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