8 of My Best Finds This Week, From IG to my DMs

I stumble across so many treasures on the internet while finding market for other stories. Here’s where I’ll share them with you, alternating weekly between vintage/second-hand and contemporary finds. Sign up here for our Shopping Newsletter, with eight additional finds every Friday.

When I have a little downtime, as I did over the holiday weekend, I often find myself cleaning up the weird forgotten corners on my iPhone (for ex: my saved folder on Instagram, where I mostly flag items I want to include on Repeller or in my closet styling appointments). Turns out: There were some serious finds in there. See eight that stood out, below!


I have a folder on my phone of pieces I love most from market appointments. The last in-person market appointments I went to were in early March—which conveniently includes items that are just now available to purchase! I remember one specific appointment at the Lizzie Fortunato showroom, at which newly pregnant twins Lizzie and Katherine (who have each since given birth, to a beautiful boy and girl) showed me their newest collection. These groovy daisy earrings stood out.



I’m writing a story on my favorite loafers, and these—a new release by Camper Labs—will be featured. I keep circling back to them in my saved folder on Instagram for obvious reasons: They’re the perfect amount of chunky, and I love when loafers have rubber soles: no slipping on the subway platform!


Another pair of shoes! Amalie and I often Slack each other about things we find on the interwebs. I presented the brand Sixty-Nine to her and knew she’d love it: These square-toe clogs were a highlight for her, as they are for me.


Speaking of clogs! Sometimes I’ll get DMs about products months after I first posted them. Someone recently asked me about cow-print clogs from a while back—I usually remember what I post, but here I’m blanking. I guess I post cow-print clogs a lot…


I recently Instagram-Storied

I also recently Instagram-Storied this photo of myself (hi!) in a cozy tie-dye set from Cotton Citizen. I wear this several days a week—while it’s a full-fledged outfit, it takes zero effort to throw on. I highly recommend any of the below sets to help you get dressed with ease, too:


I’ve been shouting from the rooftops about these reworked tanks from The Consistency Project, and I just received my own in the mail (ty USPS for the quick delivery!). I love them so much. That contrast stitching adds a little oomph to what otherwise would be just a plain ol’ spaghetti strap tank.


Last but not least: I’ve been trying to find a Lucite chain necklace since the beginning of summer. Corey Moranis makes this multicolored statement necklace that won’t make you sweat during the hot end of summer days and will also be amazing over a turtleneck come fall.

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