An Asymmetrical Blazer + 7 Other Pieces That Have Been Taking Up Space in My Brain

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Last weekend I went over to Greenpoint Terminal, this new open air vintage and artisans market right next to Skyline Drive, the new drive-in movie theater. I saw so many items that got me excited for the upcoming cooler months—including a black leather jacket that sparked many DMs (see it below). 

Below, you’ll find eight different pieces, exclusively vintage, to help us get inspired for fall.


This is the jacket! I thought it was so cool, hanging there with its sleek black leather and white trim. I was tempted to put it on right there and then change into a pair of loose-fitting jeans + henley and mules. After having major regrets for not snagging it for myself, I went on the hunt for some others, all of which I fancy (including the pants version of the jacket):


Speaking of jackets! I recently saw this jacket on line at Whole Foods (a great place to people-watch) and I was drawn to its cool shape and that little slit in the back. Plus, a hooded jacket is a great outerwear choice in the fall when it always seems to be just about to rain.


I saw this asymmetrical blazer on The Marcon Court Project’s Instagram—it was sold, but she occasionally drops some new ones on her Depop. I am now hooked on the idea of acquiring my own. I wonder what she does with the other two halves…


Here are my mom and dad in the ’80s. My focus here is not on which traits I inherited from each of them (though I do think about that a lot), but rather my mother’s oversized lace collar. I am a fan of detachable collars, and when I say they truly transform a crewneck top, I am very, very serious. What would my mom’s outfit have been without one?


I was looking through my phone this week (to get some inspiration for this story) when I remembered I saved this photo from the Prada Men’s Fall 2017 show because I have an IMMENSE love for colorful graphic wool sweaters (coogi, argyle, or Fair Isle is great) with solid tan trousers right now. The outfit in my head was missing something: a massive, colorful belt.


I met up with my friend Jo the other day (socially distanced, with masks) and had instant footwear envy. These boots by Simon MIller are so incredible—I just love the block heel and the height. I found some similar vintage styles for all of us to consider:


This is a photo from NYFW in February, back when shows weren’t virtual (though honestly, I am really enjoying the new accessibility). This vintage patchwork jacket was one of the first things I grabbed from the depths of my hall closet when the temperature started to drop this week. It’s pretty lightweight, and roomy enough that it’s very easy to layer over other clothes (chunky sweaters, blazers, pajamas…). In my mind, a patchwork jacket is timeless, and if you can find one for under $100, like these below, even better.


I do styling appointments with people over video calls, and post-appointment, I’ll send them an info packet with links to items I think they should check out. A client of mine was on the hunt for a black wrap mini-skirt. Now I’m kind of obsessed with the idea of styling a vintage one (like this highly discounted Saint Laurent one) + patterned or hand-dyed tights + cardigan + loafers.

Are you inspired by anything you’ve seen in the past week? Let me know in the comments below!

Graphic by Lorenza Centi.

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