How do you stop Harry Brook? We’ll tell you how

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There was a moment during the first Test against New Zealand when England’s number five, Harry Brook, boasted a Test average and strike-rate that were both 94. Either of those would be ridiculous. Both is preposterous. Then he got out.

How did Harry Brook get out? We could have told you this in advance. He got out to one of the most consistently lethal deliveries in Test cricket: a 78mph short ball from The Great Neil Wagner.

A bottom edge into the turf bounced up juuust high enough to gently plop on top of a bail.

You’ve been Wagnered.

That was the story of the day really. As England laid into the Kiwi attack with their now customary gusto, Wagner responded the way he always responds: by bouncing the shit out of them for over after over at not much more than medium-pace.

It is truly one of the great methodologies.

Neil Wagner makes no sense.

Neil Wagner is magnificent.

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  1. These are difficult times for England supporters, especially with an Ashes summer round the corner. Our usual preparation of poor results, weird selection and a captaincy debate, carefully designed to soften the blow when the Aussies get here, isn’t happening.

    Instead, we’ve got Bazball, the most obviously short-term one-match-wonder of a tactic that has ever been tried, working repeatedly against all comers.

    My Aussie mate is coming to the UK this summer to watch. He is already disparaging about bazball, telling me it will fail as soon as some decent bowlers get up against it. And if it fails, it is overwhelmingly likely to fail bigly – 60 all out bigly. And I will have nothing to cushion that against.

  2. I believe that the Anderson/Broad combo is sitting on 999 wickets together overnight.

    One more for the big 1000.
    Two more to equal McGrath/Warne – a record I thought would possibly never be beaten.
    Three more to top the list, possibly for ever.

    It is a stupendous stat – so much so that I’m hoping to stay awake or wake up to witness the moment(s). Might not happen though…me staying awake I mean.

  3. Wickets may come and wickets may fall but Harry goes on forever. (Till he is bowled by TGNW).

  4. Enjoyed some comedy night-bazball-ship while eating my breakfast this morning.

    Stuart Broad is simply a magnet for ridiculous cricket. What will we do for cricketing ludicrousness when he’s gone?

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