In the Market for a Statement Swimsuit? Look No Further Than Fe Noel

In this series, Man Repeller shines a light on independent, Black-owned fashion labels we think you should know about (and shop from!). And in turn, they’re passing the baton and spotlighting a handful of labels they know and love. Today we have Fe Noel, founder and designer of Fe Noel.

The brand:

Fe Noel, an eponymous womenswear label inspired by the founder’s Grenadian heritage.

If we drew a 3-adjective Venn diagram, Fe Noel would sit in the center of:

Gauzy, punchy, inventive

Fantasy scenario:

You are floating on one of those inflatable air sofas in the middle of a lake, constantly fielding compliments on your puff-sleeved bodysuit from nearby swimmers. The days are long, the water is sparkling around you, and the sun won’t set behind the trees until nine at night. After a half hour of sunbathing, you paddle back to the rocky shoreline with your hands. You dry off and root around in your tote bag for your cover-up while squinting into the sun. You can’t remember whether you packed the sheer hoodie robe or that other striped one you love so much. Turns out you packed both.

Black entrepreneurship in Fe’s words:

“Being a Black business owner right now means power. It means the ability to communicate who I am to the world. In the fashion industry, we are gravely under- and mis-represented. I have the ability to represent us in a beautiful and authentic way, and that’s powerful to me.”

Want more? Check out MR Market Strategist Elizabeth Tamkin’s database of more than 600 Black-owned brands, along with some of her personal shopping recommendations. If you have a suggestion that you think should be added, please share it in the comments.

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