For Future Wedding Guests and Future Brides, Cushnie Is a Bold, Bright Light 

In this series, Man Repeller shines a light on standout independent, Black-owned fashion labels we think you should know about (and shop from!). And in turn, they’re passing the baton and spotlighting a handful of businesses and brands they know and love. Today we have Carly Cushnie, CEO and creative director of CUSHNIE.

The brand:

CUSHNIE, a luxury women’s ready-to-wear and bridal collection.

The designers:

Carly Cushnie

If we drew a three-adjective Venn diagram, Cushnie would sit in the center of:

Diaphanous, liquid, asymmetrical

Fantasy scenario:

You’re planning a wedding and you’ve been scanning resale sites for months, trying to manifest the lush garment in your mind’s eye. For inking the deal at City Hall, you’ve been dreaming about a stark white blazer, equal parts tailored and gauzy, paired with split-hem pants that feel fancy. The party part comes a few days later, in a friend’s backyard. You’d like your festive dress to meet one, sole criterion: It must be so unfussy that it only has one zipper, and no other accoutrements. Ideally it’s something drapey in a seafoamy color, something with sleeves in the color of your favorite leafstalk, or a shock of Talenti sorbet pink that you can shimmy into and forget about for the rest of the night. One night, a few weeks before the decisive matrimonial moment, you stumble across the Cushnie website, and you can’t believe your luck.

Black entrepreneurship in Cushnie’s words:

 “I’m really proud of what I’ve accomplished over the last 12 years of having my business. Especially because when I was coming up in the industry, there were very few Black role models for me to follow and learn from. I am sad that it has taken all of this protesting and loss of life for people to really stop and pay attention to Black-owned brands, but I can only hope that this is one of the first steps in making real progress in acknowledging Black talent and our contribution.”

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