Colorful Bags With Big Buckles: EDAS Is What You’ll Want to Wear to Your Future Friend Dinner

In this series, Man Repeller shines a light on standout independent, Black-owned fashion labels we think you should know about (and shop from!). And in turn, they’re passing the baton and spotlighting a handful of labels they know and love. Today we have Sade Mims, founder and designer of the accessory brand EDAS.

The brand:

EDAS, an accessories label (with a few clothing items mixed in!) that launched in 2015

The designer:

Sade Mims

If we drew a 3-adjective Venn diagram, EDAS would sit in the center of:

Earthy, sculptural, restrained

Fantasy scenario:

Walking to meet your friends for dinner wearing one of EDAS’ sold-out Delentals (a kind of asymmetrical black leather apron) over an oversized white button-down, jeans, squiggly scene-stealing Prime earrings in your lobes, and the Yshaia bag in the crook of your elbow. Walking fast, listening to a podcast. You all meet outside the restaurant and decide to wait for a table outside. You debate whether there are really two kinds of people in this world: those who scope out the menu online ahead of time, and those who let it wash over them once they sit down to eat.

Black entrepreneurship in Sade’s words:

“I have a responsibility to use my platform to authentically tell the Black story and to hire and collaborate with Black creatives—it’s imperative. I knew that was my duty in 2015, and I most certainly know that it’s even more crucial now. What we’re seeing is a revolution, but this type of uprising has been the reality for Black people for quite a while, so I’m really excited to see this unification happening on a global level.”

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