Tribble being conspicuously indifferent to cricket

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Cully, from New Zealand, writes:

Here is my cat, Tribble, being conspicuously indifferent to cricket. Could she be bothered to watch the second Test between India and Australia? Could she even be bothered to watch us scrape a painful win against Bangladesh? Could she heck.

How do we know that it is cricket about which this cat feels indifferent

Once she’d emptied the fridge of rubbish beer, she not only continued to be oblivious to the cricket, she became oblivious to everything.

I do have another cat without an alcohol problem, but unfortunately she is so conspicuously indifferent to cricket that she couldn’t even be bothered to be in the room.

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  1. i have a cat who actually love the cricket.

    i will send you some pic. i fear they will not get published.

    that will hurt my cat and in turn me. which is not good. so i wont send them.

    is the cat in the pic trying to do the ‘get the cap out of the bottle’ trick ? its hard.

  2. Moses – I can’t see the pic. I do hope the King hasn’t censored the picture although I must say “illustrated book” sounded very dubious to me

  3. I’d like to request that this picture be removed.

    I believe the cat to be anything other than indifferent to cricket. It is almost certainly “shaping” a back foot cover drive (note the high front left elbow) – the picture has merely been rotated through 90 degrees to confuse us.

    Shame on you Cully.

  4. Yay, the cats are back!

    What a modest cat, covering her, um, ladycat bits.

    Tribble is obviously playing a tune on the beer by blowing over the top of the bottle.

  5. Ah, the trials and tribbleations of cats and cricket.

    Can you get my coat while you’re at it Mahinda?

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