A cat being conspicuously indifferent to the Boxing Day Test

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AP Webster writes: “Please find attached two pictures of my parents’ cat, Dusty (sadly not named after Dusty Rhodes), being conspicuously indifferent to the Sky pundits at lunchtime in the First Test at Centurion.

“He is also showing considerable indifference to the pile of Christmas presents in front of the TV, and does not appear to be showing the Christmas crib the level of respect that some would say it deserves.

“Feel free to choose your ‘favourite’ to use, based on which you feel conveys the most indifference.”

Needless to say, we have published both.

But just to be clear, had space been at a premium we’d have chosen this second one.

If you’ve got a picture of an animal being conspicuously indifferent to cricket, send it to king@kingcricket.co.uk.


  1. Our planned evening out has been cancelled at short notice, as one of our entourage is feeling unwell. Several of my business activities are being curtailed/suspended. Indian Wells tennis tournament has been “postponed”. The England cricket tour of Sri Lanka has been called off…


    …the indifference of domestic animals to cricket continues unabated. Thank goodness for King Cricket, I say.

    I do just wonder whether Dusty’s body language in both pictures goes beyond indifference, i.e. it could even be deemed to be disrespect. Now there’s a thing.

    1. The content we all need right now.

      Ps has anybody else noticed that the world has started to collapse since this website changed its look? Coincidence?

  2. Conversly, I went out to The Old Station Bookshop in Wells-next-Sea in Norfolk today. You have to ring an old brass bell when you want to buy something as the owner is upstairs doing something more interesting. The resident cat was all over me like a cheap suit as I perused the extensive section on old cricket books. I like to think the old bruiser was appreciating a cricket interest but I fear that it was the only corner of the establishment that wasn’t being blasted by the wind and cold air that would have made Robert Falcon Scott shudder.

    1. Acquire anything interesting, Edwardian? Apart from a plethora of cat hairs and the mandatory dirty looks from the cat, obvs.

      1. A late reply to your question, Ged, no cricket books purchased as I had shot my bolt on a rare tome related to the colonial administration of Nigeria, a period in which my great great uncle played a small role. A lucky find as Reginald knew one of the contributors to the book. To keep this cricket related, I have a photo of him in his cricket whites at the Africa Club in Calabar. He left a journal of his travels in the country by canoe and motor launch. I’ve just finished a book, contextualising his writing with contemporary debates surrounding British Empire. On the search for a publisher.

  3. I’ve had a recent update on Dusty’s activity – however indifferent he is to cricket, the cricketless period has apparently provided him with an opportunity to display his acute lack of indifference towards bringing live rabbits into the house.

    No photographic evidence available, (un)fortunately

  4. My posts still have what appears to be a child-drawn amoeba in the little box next to them. Most of the rest of you seem to have found a way to change it to something more personal or whimsical. Could someone let me in on the apparently quite open secret?

    1. How are you doing, thesmudge? Hopefully your recovery is going well despite the… y’know… everything?

      1. I’m really good, AP, thank you. The new joint itself is bloody miraculous. I am not perhaps as agile as a gazelle, as that would take more than mere surgery, but am perhaps as spry as a wildebeest. And I have an impressive 10” scar on my left buttock for use as a conversation starter at parties, receptions and levees.

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