Gucci the Duck

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We wrote about Graham Gooch’s exit as batting coach for Cricket365. Having referred to him as being a dead duck in that article, we have since found ourself absent-mindedly imagining a short story in which everyone’s favourite once-moustachioed, daddy-hundred-loving, former England opening batsman actually is a duck.

In the story, Goochy the Duck and his friend Gucci the Duck must unravel the mysteries of the dog thrower. However, they’re ducks and don’t have the capacity for rational thought. The end.


  1. As it seems to be very silly season
    I know they have ARISE written on their backs but mostly the I is hidden.
    Look at the KX1P players as they bowl and field.

    1. Our kids rugby tour hoodies all had nicknames across the shoulders. Tip for you all – Animal is a great nickname for a 12 year old rugby player, but not with a hood obscuring the middle letters.

  2. You should have words with Cricket365, they seem to be stealing a lot of your content. And branding. And URL.

    1. A missing http:// and that’s what you get. Soz. Link should work now.

  3. When Carberry was getting help from Gooch recently it was taken as a sign that he hadn’t been totally dropped by England. Now seems like it was Gooch trying to drum up extra work for when he was fired.

    1. Um Ged, those boots are actually made from Gucci the Duck. Lets hope we don’t see Goochy the Duck boots anytime soon.

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