Tim Bresnan being in the England squad

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Rumours that we kidnapped Geoff Miller’s family and told him we were going to force them to watch Eastenders constantly until he picked Tim Bresnan for England are well wide of the mark. Clearly we told him to pick Rob Key and clearly he ignored us.

We released the Miller family after ice cream and a couple of games of Frustration, because we’re not really evil.

Tim Bresnan might have been picked for England on the basis that he was the only up and coming bowler who was more familiar with a cricket bat than a pipistrelle, but still it’s a good indication that he’s there or thereabouts.

Tim Bresnan has justified being one to watch.


  1. At a pub quiz a few weeks ago, there was a Family Fortunes round, where we had to guess the most popular answer collected from, er, a group of Family Fortunes Viewers (note that this is not the same as The Human Race).

    The question was: “Name a type of bat.”

    We said “Cricket”.

    Almost everyone else in the pub said “Vampire”, apart from one team who said “Pipistrelle”, clearly not understanding the important distinction I made earlier.

    The top answer was – Cricket.

    I am not sure what this says about a) my similarity to a Family Fortunes Viewer, b) cricket’s popularity among Family Fortunes Viewers, or c) the type of pubs I go to. In all cases, I’m not happy.

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