Let us tell you about Jonny Bairstow from England’s World Cup squad

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Jonny Bairstow (via ECB YouTube)

Jonny Bairstow is a man with something to prove. Or rather he isn’t – but he plays better when that’s the case and so he’s taken to making stuff up.

“Quite a few people think I shouldn’t be playing,” he’ll say after hitting a hundred – even though literally nobody is saying that. “I was really motivated to prove them wrong.”

Please no-one correct him on this because we’re pretty sure he has no other motivation.

Jonny Bairstow once played this shot, which we still can’t fully comprehend.

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  1. In his own words: “No idea what I was doing… Closed eyes plus a swing!”

    Hope this helps.

  2. That shot makes no sense. It was almost wide outside off stump and what he did with the bat would make you think that it would at most bobble along to midwicket for a single.

    1. We cannot comprehend the physics of it at all.

      Whenever a daft racist says something about subcontinental batsmen being more ‘wristy’ they should be forced to watch that shot.

      1. Partridge reference?

        Not sure he ever expressed any views either way on cricket, but pretty sure he’d be a test cricket purist.

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